Between literature and the monuments: Alkali Feldspars, Black Spangles of Biotite, Milk White Plagioclases. The city without a shadow, three handbreadths apart. Peace of the golden hand in the shipyards. Better to see it as if through the eyes of aliens. The Islamic and Christian calendar will coincide on 1 May 20874. We don’t know anything about them except their spelling habits. Everything is forbidden. The west is marked by a falcon and a feather, to sleep is an open eye. The hieroglyph for sail is also found in words connoting the concept of breath. Centre for the Sale of Prints and Reproductions. Chapel of the Sacred Boat. The past had a smell. Athens is burning. In order to remember indefinite articles, Arabic letters are divided into two categories: moon letters and sun letters. Words like the moon (el-qamar) take the indefinite article ‘el’. Words such as the sun (es-sams) are irregular like the sun in England. When the waves don’t eat the rocks, then you can go diving. It’s not what you have, it’s who you have. We live on a series of islands, ferrying from land to land, never entering the sea. The sound of a lone horse galloping in the street on Friday morning. Must have beens.